2020 has been an interesting year…let us take a look back on what trends stood out.

Technology: with new, sophisticated benefits technologies such as virtual healthcare, online healthcare management, and online psychotherapy and wellness applications.

Cost Management: with the increasing use of biologic drugs, rare but significant costs associated with orphan drugs, and a greater focus on some important paramedical services such as psychological treatment or physiotherapy, it can be challenging for organizations to decide where to invest resources. Focusing not just on treatment, but on prevention – high priority for organizations looking to rein in costs.

Mental Health: with a significant push by advocates in the last decade towards making mental health a priority, and with the considerable impact mental health can have on absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace, many organizations are choosing to focus efforts in this space.

Cannabis: this evolving arena will be explored with the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis and what it means to your employee benefit plans.

Demographic Shifts: there are four generations of Canadians in the workplace. The Canadian healthcare system is under more pressure than ever before. Although the first wave of baby boomers are well into retirement, other members of this large generation are staying in the workforce longer – whether by choice or necessity. How does this impact your Employee Benefits strategy?

Wellness: Organizations are also focusing on the total health of their employees beyond benefits programming. What kind of health and financial wellness perks are Canadian firms offering to reduce stress, reduce absenteeism, and increase workplace productivity?

Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA): in an area where flexibility is a top criterion for employees of all levels and generations, health care spending accounts (HCSA’s) provide broad versatility for those with individualized benefits needs. What are the benefits and risks for the employer?

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