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Why Vision Financial Benefits?

Vision Financial Benefits is an independent insurance and investment brokerage. We are not ‘locked in’ with any particular carriers. This means we are free to work with you using a competitive process across carriers to offer the best coverage and cost.

What Do Group Plans Typically Include?

Group Plans includes Basic Life Insurance (mandatory), Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependent Life Insurance, Health Care (Paramedical – Chiropractor, Massage, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, …etc.). Additional coverage could include Short Term and Long Term Disability. Look at our Services for a complete list.

What Carriers Do You Represent?

We represent every available Insurance Carrier in the Canadian market.

How Do Companies Keep Their Rates Down?

Companies who meet regularly with us to discuss their claims experience and group plan details are the ones that keep their premiums in check as we work together to proactively manage costs.

Should we go to market with another carrier?

It makes sense to go to market to find cheaper premiums if you receive a renewal offer that is not in line with actual claims history or includes excessive inflationary costs. Most providers are willing to discuss their rate increases affording you the opportunity to make a case for a reduction. Only if that is not feasible should you explore other quotes.

How Do I Use Benefits to Attract And Retain My Best People?

Benefits are considered an essential part of a compensation package. Employees would find it very expensive to purchase them individually. Since just 40% of companies offer group benefits, having it in place could be the difference in hiring or retaining a great employee.

How Long Does A Plan Take To Be Put In Place?

Usually 3 to 4 weeks. A master application needs to be completed along with employee applications. Once submitted, Benefit Booklets are produced and made available along with carrier medical cards.

Will Someone Talk To Our Staff About The Plan?

Yes, we always organize a meeting with the staff and management to review and have a Q&A session. Refer to our Working Together page for more information.

What If My Employees Want Individual Investment And Financial Products?

We do that as well. Just follow this link.

What Are My Options To Maintain Coverage If I'm Leaving My Position?

There are several options to maintain a medical plan outside of the group plan if exiting. Contact us for more information.

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