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If you need insurance and don't have time to wait for a full quotation, these self-service options available through Manulife Financial are the solution for you. Manulife offers a wide range of plans and levels of coverage from which you can choose to insure yourself and your family against the unexpected.

If you would like a complete insurance review or if you have any questions, please contact us and a licensed insurance agent will be able to assist you.

Please note that this coverage is only available to residents of Alberta at this time.


We are pleased to advise that Vision Financial Inc. now has Travel Insurance available through Manulife Financial.

You never plan to have a medical emergency away from home, or to have to cancel a trip due to an emergency but you can prepare yourself for these events. Take this opportunity to choose the Travel Coverage that is right for you if you are traveling for pleasure or on business.

For more information on Travel Insurance to protect yourself and your health while traveling or to purchase a plan offered through other carriers, please contact us.

If you are looking for an affordable, simple solution to meet your need for Critical Illness insurance, Manulife has the answer. Lifecheque Basic offers critical illness protection at a low cost, and with a hassle-free application process.

Lifecheque Basic is a simplified critical illness insurance plan that provides a one-time benefit upon a diagnosis of one of the five most common conditions: heart attack, stroke, aortic surgery, coronary bypass, and cancer. It requires no underwriting or medical tests, only a signed declaration of good health. Exclusions and restrictions apply.

For more information on Critical Illness coverage offered by other carriers, please contact us.

We are pleased to advise that Vision Financial Inc. now offers health and dental insurance available through Manulife Financial. If you are not covered by a group health plan or not satisfied with the health coverage you have today, Manulife Financial may be the answer for you.

For more information on health and dental insurance offered by other carriers, please contact us.

This Health and Dental coverage is an alternative for members of both small and large associations, no matter whether they are single, have a young family or are nearing their retirement years.

The Association Health and Dental Plan offers 8 distinct plan choices which feature(s) prescription drug coverage, dental, hospital, vision, Extended Health Care and Accidental Death & Dismemberment. The Association Health and Dental Plan protects you against routine and unexpected health care expenses by filling in the gaps left by your provincial health insurance plan.